Workman Law
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Our Practice

As the principal owner of the Workman Law Firm, Robin Workman has practiced law in San Francisco since 1990.  Before coming to San Francisco, she clerked for the Honorable James Hightower on the Texas Supreme Court.  When Ms. Workman commits her firm to a case, the firm is committed to vigorously pursuing the case to its conclusion. This commitment includes taking the case to trial. Ms. Workman is one of the few lawyers in California who have taken a class action to trial. This experience allows her and her firm to better understand the work attorneys must do at the beginning of the case to obtain the best results possible; either through trial or settlement. In the process of recovering millions of dollars for employees, Ms. Workman has also worked to cause nationwide corporations to change their practices to conform with California and Federal law and to pay employees wages and reimbursements due. 

Ms. Workman and her firm represent employees in virtually every aspect of employment law. Representative cases include those involving improper classification by employers leading to overtime owed, employers failing to reimburse employees for employment-related expenses such as mileage and cell-phone usage, employers requiring employees to purchase and maintain uniforms, employers improperly calculating overtime compensation and employers failing to provide mandated rest and meal periods and failing to compensate employees who work through rest and meal periods.  This representation also includes virtually every type of employment discrimination, including race, sex, disability, and age discrimination.