Settled - Cagonot v. ASP

This lawsuit alleges that Advanced Sterilization Products Services, Inc. (“Defendant”), former subsidiaries of Johnson & Johnson and current subsidiaries of Fortive Corporation, engaged in unlawful conduct by its: (1) failure to pay Plaintiff, and proposed class members, all wages when due; (2) failure to maintain and provide accurate wage statements to Plaintiff, and proposed class members; and, (3) failure to provide rest and meal periods, as well as compensation for work without rest and meal periods, to Plaintiff, and proposed class members.

Preliminary and Final Approval of the settlement was granted by the Court. Settlement funds have been disbursed and a compliance hearing is set for April 4, 2024, in Dept. 17 of the Alameda County Superior Court. It is expected that the Court will rule that the parties have complied with all of the terms set forth in the Settlement Agreement.