Settled and Closed - Cameron, et al. v. PC Flagship, et al.

This is a class action brought by four individuals who were employed by Defendants PC FLAGSHIP, LLC d/b/a Bluegold/LSXO (“Bluegold”), and Tin Vuong, and Jorge Valines, individually, and DOES 1-100 inclusive, (collectively "Defendants") to work in one or more of their California restaurants. Plaintiffs bring this action on behalf of themselves and other similarly situated hourly, non-exempt employees who are employed by, or were formerly employed by Defendants, in Defendants’ restaurants within the State of California at any time during the four years prior to the filing of this complaint to the date of judgment. Plaintiffs seek to recover the wages owed by Defendants, for which Defendants did not pay in violation of California law. Plaintiffs also seek redress for Defendants’ actions in improperly altering records of hours worked and compensation owed, and denying and/or misrepresenting to the workers the amount of their earnings; and denying workers the opportunity to take legally mandated meal periods and rest breaks while also refusing to pay workers statutorily-required pay for all missed, late, and shortened meal periods and rest breaks.

The parties have reached a settlement of Plaintiffs' individual claims and have dismissed the class claims without prejudice. This matter is now closed and no further proceedings against Defendant are pending with our firm.