Settled and Closed- Stritt v. Sutter Delta, et al.

This action alleges that Defendants are responsible for the wrongful death of the Decedent, Lori L. Stitt in recklessly, willfully, intentionally and negligently performing an Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography and Sphincterotomy (“ERCP”) on Ms. Stritt on December 15, 2016; recklessly, willfully, intentionally and negligently caring for Ms. Stritt when she was admitted to the emergency room and hospital on December 15, 2016, after suffering complications from the ERCP; and intentionally and negligently causing Plaintiffs to suffer extreme emotional distress when they observed their mother and daughter suffering the extreme pain associated with the harm caused to her and eventually dying as a result of the failure to provide a reasonable standard of care when the Decedent suffered severe complications after receiving an ERCP.

The parties reached a settlement in January, 2023 and the case is now closed.