Settled and Closed - Vilbrun v. Presto Staffing, LLC

This class action arises from ongoing wrongful conduct committed by Defendants Presto Staffing and Golden Heights, and alleges that Defendants: (1) failed to pay employees all wages due, including at the time of termination; (2) failed to pay for all hours worked, and overtime and double-time owed; (3) failed to provide and/or make available rest and meal breaks or failed to pay additional compensation owed for missed meal and/or rest breaks; (4) failed to provide accurate, itemized, wage statements to employees; (5) failed to provide California employees with a record of available sick leave; (6) failed to reimburse employees for the costs incurred to use their personal cell phones for work; and, (7) made false representations to influence, persuade, or engage Ms. Vilbrun, to relocate to California for the purpose of providing labor at the entities with whom Presto Staffing contracts.

Subsequent to filing of the complaint and due to the multiple ownership problems with respect to Presto Staffing, Ms. Vilbrun dismissed her class claims without prejudice, settled her individual claim with Defendant Golden Heights and dismissed her individual case. This matter is now closed and no further actions are being pursued by our firm.