Settled and Closed – Williams v. York Claims Service

Plaintiffs brought this action on behalf of themselves and other claims adjusters at York Claim Service alleging York failed to pay overtime wages due. The issue in the case was whether Defendant York erroneously classified the class of 122 claims examiners/adjusters as exempt from the overtime laws.

The matter proceeded to trial in May of 2014.

On April 15, 2015, the trial court entered a Judgment, finding for the class. In its Judgment, the trial court held that Defendant York "failed to prove that the class members qualify for the administrative exemption to the California overtime pay requirements. Consequently, the class members are non-exempt employees and are entitled to overtime pay." The trial court also held that the class established that the wage statements issued by Defendant York did not comply with California Labor Code section 226. As a consequence, the trial court found that Defendant York owes earned and unpaid overtime compensation and interest of $7,435,758 and $918,900 in penalties. Defendant York appealed the Judgment.

Subsequent to the appeal, the parties attended mediation and were able to reach a settlement. On November 13, 2018, the Court granted final approval of the settlement and entered a Judgment affirming the terms of the settlement. The case is now closed.


2015 Judgment

2018 Judgment