Settled and Closed – Alcantar v. Hobart

This action alleges that Defendants: (1) failed to pay employees overtime pay; (2) failed to pay its employees earned wages; (3) failed to pay its employees compensation for work without meal periods; and, (4) failed to provide accurate wage statements to employees.

The trial Court denied Plaintiff's Motion for Class Certification and granted Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment. Subsequently, Court of Appeal affirmed in part, and reversed and remanded in part, the district court’s orders denying class certification and granting partial summary judgment with respect to plaintiff’s commute-time claim.

On June 22, 2016, the United States District Court, Central District of California, entered an order certifying Plaintiff’s commute-time claim.

Final approval of a Settlement in this matter was entered on August 13, 2018, funds were disbursed and the case is now closed.

Class Certification Order
Summary Judgment Order
Court of Appeal Decision
Class Certification Order 062216
Final Approval Order