Settled and Closed - Mendoza v. Dwayne Nash Industries, Inc.

This action alleges Defendant Dwayne Nash Industries, Inc., dba Kodiak Roofing and Waterproofing Co. (hereinafter “Kodiak” or “Defendant”): discriminated against Plaintiff on the basis of her physical disability by engaging in a course of conduct intentionally designed to discriminate against Plaintiff on the basis of her physical disability; made unlawful medical inquiries regarding Plaintiff’s physical disability retaliated against Plaintiff; failed to take all reasonable steps necessary to prevent discrimination from occurring in the workplace; failed to make reasonable accommodations for the known physical disability of Plaintiff; failed to engage in the interactive process with Plaintiff to determine effective reasonable accommodations for Plaintiff after learning of Plaintiff’s physical disability; and, wrongfully terminated Plaintiff due to her disability, and/or in retaliation for Plaintiff requesting reasonable accommodations for her disability.

After mediation, the parties were able to reach a settlement of all claims. The case closed in November, 2019.