Active - Porter v. Sonsray Machinery, LLC

This is a class action complaint against Defendant to challenge the following of Defendant’s policies and practices of: (1) failing to pay employees all compensation owed; (2) failing to timely pay all wages after employees voluntarily or involuntarily terminated their employment with Defendant; (3) failing to provide employees with accurate, itemized, wage statements; (4) failing to provide signed commission plans; (5) taking unlawful deductions from wages; (6) failing to reimburse for work-related expenses; and, (7) failing to provide paid sick leave and written notice of available sick leave.

Defendant filed a motion to compel arbitration of Plaintiff’s individual claims, including individual PAGA claims, which was granted in June of 2023. Plaintiff’s non-individual (class) PAGA claims are stayed pending resolution of Plaintiff's individual claims in arbitration.