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Settled - Lax v. Roto-Rooter

This class action lawsuit alleges ongoing wrongful conduct by Defendant Roto-Rooter Services Company (“Defendant”), by its unlawful failure to separately compensate Plaintiff and proposed class members, for rest breaks, or provide compensation for missed rest breaks; failure to compensate Plaintiff and proposed class members for all time worked, including non-productive time, as required; taking improper deductions from wages owed; failure to reimburse Plaintiff, and those similarly situated, for expenses incurred to do their job; failure to maintain accurate payroll records showing hours worked daily and all wages earned; failure to provide accurate itemized wage statements to Plaintiff and proposed class members containing information as required; failure to provide Plaintiff, and proposed class members, with the contract setting forth the contemplated method of payment of commissions to Plaintiff and proposed class members; and, failure to timely pay Plaintiff and proposed class members all wages when due.

After mediation, the parties were able to reach a settlement of all claims.

On February 26, 2021, the Court granted final approval of the Settlement and entered Judgment in the matter.

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